LED Dance Floors

LED Dance Floors

Based in Kent Dancefloors

Dance Floors in all shapes, colours and sizes, you can be sure to find the perfect dancefloor for your prom day!

Hiring a dance floor for prom is becoming more and more popular as they are something fresh, fun and a bit different to make your prom day stand out.

LED Dance Floors offer a wide range of stunning dancefloors, perfect for your prom or leavers day!

The White LED starlit dance floor is currently the go-to prom dancefloor. With a pure gloss finish and twinkling lights dazzling it really creates a glam atmosphere.

The Black LED starlit, when the room is dark and all you can see is your feet dancing around twinkling lights you really can understand why it has become a must have for proms across the UK. 

The LED Disco dance floor. This funky retro disco dance floor can be set to different colours, patterns and animations.

The Black and White chequerboard dance floor, is probably the most elegant and sophisticated dance floors we currently offer.

The Pure White Dance Floor, with this white gloss floor you can even project an image or video on to it, such as your school logo or "PROM 2021".






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