We Light Prom Up Band

We Light Prom Up Band

Based in Kent Live Band

Looking for a one-of-a-kind live band for your prom? Then look no further! One of the most unique prom bands in the world - We Light Prom Up!

We Light Prom Up Band are fun, energetic and one-of-a-kind with their LED drum kit that really will light up your prom

Formed in 2015 by Adam and fellow musician and music producer Dan (produced for Rag'n'Bone, Bastille, Lil Wayne and many more famous names) with the concept of taking an already super band and transforming it into something unique and mind blowing.

The Drum Kit allows the band to perform in a totally different way to any other. Each strike of the drum triggers a sample or sound that emulates the exact sound we are all familiar with when listening to our favourite songs. So imagine a live band sounding as close to the original track as possible yet still having the energy and charm that only a live band can bring to your prom and you have We Light Prom Up!

Songs at your event will range from Aretha Franklin and Lionel Richie to Drake, Rihanna and Jay Z. The band has a repertoire like no other band as every genre and music taste can be catered for.

The standard line up for We Light it Up is the 7 piece band but this can be upgraded all the way to a 13 piece with horn section and added vocalists. There are also different entertainment line ups to choose from including a roaming band. Whatever line-up suits your budget or event size you can be sure that the band you choose will be one you will never forget.





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